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Almost Super Questions of the Day

This Week

January 19 – Chapter 6

  • Who is Rafter’s new algebra teacher?
    • Mr. Johnson

January 20 – Chapter 7

  • What does Juanita do every time she says the name “Bailey”?

January 21 – Chapters 8, 9

  • What can a Light Shifter do?

January 22 – Chapters 10, 11

  • Who stood up for Rafter against Mr. Johnson?

Past Weeks

January 12 – Chapter 1 Question from last night’s reading

  • What did Great-Aunt Silva Matilda do that caused great alarm?

January 13 – Chapter 2

  • What does Benny use to see if his belly-button is high-powered?

January 14 – Chapters 3, 4

  • Who was missing on the bus today?

January 15 – Chapter 5

  • What are the Johnsons trying to steal from the Split Rock Museum?