Cambridge International Magnet Program

Skills in Global Perspectives

Research * Analysis * Communication & Collaboration * Evaluation * Reflection

All grade levels will engage weekly in the Cambridge Global Perspectives challenges. During global perspectives instruction, students will dive deeper into a “Challenge” they’ve been working on that asks them to explore a topic personally, locally, and globally.  Topics include “Improving Communication”, “Moving Goods and People”, and “The Right to Learn.”  Each challenge focuses on developing these global perspective skills.

Well-Rounded Learners

Reflective * Innovative * Confident * Engaged * Responsible

Our students work hard every day to develop learning habits for success in school, work, and life.  Developing these Cambridge Learner Attributes will be a central component in everything our students do at Sunray Elementary and prepare them for future success.

Magnet Options


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Learn more about our Computer Sciences program and Cambridge Magnet program in the videos below.

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