We are excited to share that all K-5 students will have access to Zearn during school closures.  Zearn Math is a supplemental resource that offers personalized digital activities that students can work through independently on a computer alongside their classroom virtual instruction. Students can log into Zearn through Classlink and can work through a variety of digital activities that provide additional opportunities for learning, practice, review, and remediation if needed.


While students will engage with Zearn through their district-linked personal account, parents are also welcome and encouraged to engage with Zearn’s digital activities to support students with at-home math learning. Parents can simply go to www.zearn.org and click “Sign-up” where they can sign-up for an individual “Adult” account at no cost. Once parents have a Zearn adult account, parents can log-in and access digital activities for any grade level, module, and lesson in order to experience the same digital activities as their student. Keep in mind that while the Adult account offers a flexible experience for selecting digital activities, students have a more focused experience based on their teacher’s assignment.  For more information, please join one of our upcoming webinars or take a look at the two resources below.


Parent Webinar:

This webinar will provide an in-depth look at the student experience on Zearn, including the digital activities students complete independently on the computer and how students can access their account. We will also review how parents can set up individual accounts to engage with similar digital resources to support students with at-home learning during school closures.  Click on the link below to join.




Parent Resources:

–          Creating an Adult / Educator account

–          Overview of Zearn Digital Activities